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4x4, 4WD and SUV Highway Terrain Tyres from Yokohama: Geolandar SUV G055

Tall SUVs and small 4WDs use more fuel than other cars of similar size. The Geolandar SUV Highway Terrain is a quiet, low rolling resistance 'eco tyre' which lowers fuel use and has a longer life. And unlike other 'eco tyres' that often lack grip on wet roads, its grip is restored by Yokohama's patented Orange Oil and Silica rubber compound. 

Key feature:

  • Orange Oil Technology For long mileage and wet grip.
  • High Treadwear Rating Long lasting.
  • 5 Pitch Variation Tread Design Low Tyre and Cabin Noise.
  • EcoFriendly Fuel Efficient.
  • Round and Rigid Tread Design Low roll resistance.
  • Mud and Snow Rated

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