215/45R1 91V TL W.drive V902 DOT2511

Tire width: 215
Tire height: 45
Diameter of rim: 17
Load index: 91
Speed index: V
With/Without cameras: Without cameras
RunOnFlat technology: No
Season of tire:
Manufactured by: Yokohama
Fuel efficiency:
Wet grip:
External noise:
74 dB
Delivery: Unkwown

Yokohama W.drive V902

 Keep Winter Under Control.

Today’s performance cars and SUVs need a winter tire that
provides balanced performance across various winter road
conditions. The W.drive™ actually adapts to road surfaces and
temperatures, offering drivers confi dence, no matter the weather.


Provides balanced performance across driving 
conditions. Outside blocks are rigid for enhanced 
cornering, while the inside zone incorporates 
moderate block stiffness and increased groove 
area for effective snow traction.
Asymetric tread protector


Maintain performance levels across a wide range of 
temperatures by incorporating specialized polymers 
and micro silica to enhance high temperature 
stability and low temperature fl exibility.
W drive compound


Special zigzag sipes help maintain block rigidity 
by locking together and they create more biting 
edges for enhanced snow and ice traction.
3-D sipes for Yokohama W.Drive


Circumferential and lateral slush grooves work
in tandem to effectively drain snow, slush and
water, maximizing the tire’s contact with the
road surface.
High drainage grooves